Mosaic Printing

Every Mosaic account is alloted a printing quota. For students this is 400 pages per semester and for faculty/staff this is 10,000 pages. This allows you to print to any of the public printers in each of our Mosaic labs. Every page that your print will reduce your print quota by 1 and when your quota reaches zero you will be unable to print. When you have less than 50 pages of print quota remaining, you will receive an email informing you of your low quota every time you print something. Your print quota is cumulative and rolls over to each next semester.  Both summer semesters count as one semester.  If you exhaust your print quota before the end of any semester, please contact Mosaic Computing Support to request an increase.  You can open a ticket for additional print quota here.

We also have plotters for use in select Mosaic labs. Plotters reduce your quota by 20 pages per linear foot printed. For example, a 48" (4') long plot would cost 80 pages of print quota. Further details are posted on the plotter and can be viewed on the plotter FAQ. The plotters are loaded with regular paper by default, but glossy paper is available for faculty/staff and for students with a faculty sponsorship. 

Color printing is available in our offices (Smith 226 and EPIC 1245). Each color page costs 7 pages of print quota. Please bring the file you wish to be printed in on a flash drive or email it to 

Viewing Your Print Quota

The new process for checking your print quota from within the Mosaic Linux environment will be updated here when it becomes available.

Getting More Quota

In order to receive more print quota please open a ticket and provide justification for an increase in quota. 

Duplex Printing

In an effort to save on printer paper use, the College of Engineering has opted to default most of our newer Mosaic lab network printers to print double sided.  When you print any document that has multiple page images to one for the following printers in the following labs, both sides of the page will be used to print the page images:

Lab Printer Name
Duke 242 duke242xl
EPIC 1140 epic1140prt
EPIC 2218 epic2218prt1 and epic2218prt2
EPIC 3236 epic3236prt
Smith 225 sm225ps
Smith 229 sm229ps
Smith 249 sm249ps and sm249prt2
Smith 260 sm260ps

Please keep in mind that you will be charged for each page image against your print quota.  More importantly, this effort will greatly reduce the amount of paper used per semester. If you desire to print 1 page image per sheet you can override this default in the print dialog.