The mission of Mosaic Computing is:

Deliver and maintain a computing environment to our student, faculty and staff with the following goals:

  1. Continue to offer and grow Mosaic Computing with exceptional support, high reliability, and secure accessibility.
  2. Enhance the customer support experience.
  3. Improve the Engineering software applications management for all of the College’s Engineering disciplines.
  4. Strengthen the Mosaic infrastructure.
  5. Accommodate the needs of our stakeholders with appropriate technology, services and policies to expand the Mosaic experience.
  6. Manage and represent Mosaic in a cost effective and prudent fashion.

The Mosaic infrastructure is designed around the DFS Enterprise File System which provides single sign-on authentication, private and public networked disk storage, flexible user initiated file sharing, and robust online and offline backups. The Engineering Computing group maintains and supports the Mosaic infrastructure, providing users with a single environment that is available from any Mosaic system in any location. The primary desktop platform is Windows. Each platform has a wide variety of available software applications ranging from simple office productivity tools like word processors and spreadsheets to complex engineering design tools like AutoCAD and P-Spice. In total, Mosaic supports approximately 150 application packages, on over 1000 computers and serves nearly 3000 users.

The Mosaic Engineering Computing group also maintains student computing labs and classrooms in the Smith, Cameron, EPIC, and Duke buildings as well as provides a variety of other services including web servers, distance learning classrooms and applications, remote access services for home based users, printing, administrative database support, help desk and telephone support, and hardware support services.