Using Mosaic

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a system of computers, servers, programs, users, professors, administrators that all work together to help the students of The Lee College of Engineering. By being a part of Mosaic as a user you have access to thousands of Windows based machines, 11 Linux severs, and a dedicated staff trained to assist and solve any problems you may face.

How do I get a Mosaic Account?

If you are enrolled in the Lee College of Engineering, or if you are registered for any College of Engineering class, then you already have an account. If you are not taking any College of Engineering classes then you must apply for an account. To apply for an account please visit the OneIT Help Portal:

I have an account now, but how do I login?

Now that you have a Mosaic account you may access any Mosaic Workstation (MWS). We have many dedicated labs that house these machines. These are located in Smith, Cameron, EPIC, and Duke. Once at a MWS workstation, you will see a screen stating you must press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination to login. Once done you will be able to login in using your NinerNET credentials. You are also able to log in to the Mosaic Anywhere servers. These servers are identical to the MWS systems but you do not need to be in a lab to use these. In fact you can log in to these from anywhere there is an Internet connection and you have connected to campus via the Campus VPN.