Disk Quota

Disk Quota Allocation

Each Mosaic account has an associated disk quota of 25GB. This includes all the files within your W: and U: drives. To check your available disk quota go into File Explorer, then right-click on the U: drive and choose properties. It will display both the Used Space and Free Space.

If you have 2GB available or less of your disk quota, you will be presented with a warning every time you log in. Once you are over quota, you will not be allowed to log in to Mosaic and must visit the Help Desk in order to lower your disk usage. This form is used to request an increase in your disk quota allocation.

All files on your Mosaic account must be stored on the W: or U: drive. These are the only places that your quota encompasses. Files stored outside the W: or U: drive, such as the C: drive, will not be synced with your account and you will lose them.

Please read our Policy on Additional User Disk Quota


  • Students will need a faculty or staff member to sponsor their extra disk quota.