Software for Students

Below is a list of available software to engineering students. You will find documentation that should help you install the software yourself. If you would like the software installed for you please visit a helpdesk and open a work order.

The software listed below is available for PERSONAL COMPUTER USE ONLY. If you have a University-owned computer, Mosaic Computing Support can install software licensed for University systems with faculty approval.

AutoCADNew users create an account and download here
BentleyWindows (Installation document is on Mosaic)
CreoWindows (Installation document is on Mosaic)
EESWindows (Installation document is on Mosaic)
HELP3 via DOSBoxWindows (Installation document is on Mosaic)
Labview & MultiSIMWindows (Installation document is on Mosaic)
MatlabAvailable from the OneIT software portal
Microsoft OfficeAll platforms (sign in with UNCC Email)
SolidworksWindows (Installation document is on Mosaic)