Restoring Files From Backup

Recovering Files From Within Mosaic Windows

Your Mosaic account is backed multiple times during the day. This allows you to recover data that you might have accidently deleted or mistakenly altered. To recover a file or folder while in your Mosaic Windows profile, right-click on the parent directory of the file or folder you wish to recover and select “Properties” from the context menu. Click the “Previous Versions” tab and then select the version of the folder differentiated by the date and time of folder version that you need. For example, if there was a document named “document.docx” on your Desktop that you accidently deleted, navigate to “W:Windows”, right-click on the “Desktop” folder and follow the previously mentioned instructions to find the backup from an earlier time. Copy the backed up version of the document to “W:WindowsDesktop” to recover it.

Recovering Files From a Mosaic Linux Based System

Currently snapshot recovery can only be accessed via Mosaic Windows. The Linux home directory can be restored via the same method from a Mosaic Windows device. Right click on U:linux from a Mosaic Windows machine to access and restore “Previous Versions” of your Mosaic Linux folder.”