Lab Rules

The Following Activities are Unconditionally PROHIBITED:

  1. Having food, drinks, drink containers, or using tobacco products.
  2. Students are NOT ALLOWED to stay in a classroom that they do not have a session in. Failure to leave the room IMMEDIATELY once the commencement time of any class has begun and/or the professor has entered the classroom will result in your Mosaic account being suspended for 1 week as a 1st offense. Students MUST refer to the classroom schedule posted near every door to determine whether you should enter or not. Once class has begun, you CANNOT enter the room to retrieve any print jobs. Once class has begun, DO NOT SEND ANY PRINT JOBS TO THAT ROOM.
  3. Playing games at any time.
  4. Using another’s account or giving your account information to another.
  5. Unauthorized storage of data on any disk space that is not your directory. (/tmp directory on C: drive or any local disk)
  6. Excessive printing, printing multiple copies of documents or plotting non-educational posters.
  7. Displaying or printing lewd/obscene material.
  8. Abusing email privileges.
  9. Removing supplies, blank paper, or equipment from the lab.
  10. “Camping”, improperly locking, or leaving a workstation unattended for more than 10 minutes. You may use a password protected screensaver in Windows or XLOCK in Linux for up to 10 minutes.
  11. Logging into more than one workstation at the same time.
  12. Failure to leave a restricted or closed area by the requested time.
  13. Creating a disturbance and/or disrespecting any of the posted rules and regulations.
  14. Failure to comply with the directions of a Mosaic or COE staff in an area they are authorized to direct and/or restrict your actions.
  15. Computer Abuses including but not limited to the following: Unauthorized use or tampering with the operation of any of the University’s computer systems, tampering with hardware/software; inspecting, modifying, or copying programs or data without proper permission.
  16. Rebooting or turning off any Mosaic workstation.
  17. Violations of the University’s rules and regulations including but not limited to the University’s Code of Academic Integrity, Code of Student Responsibilities, and Computer Use Policy.
  18. Re-arranging furniture in the lab; defacing computer equipment or any part of the lab (including floors, walls, door, lights); mutilating, damaging, moving, or theft of computer equipment or furniture in the lab; tampering with security or surveillance equipment.

You must be enrolled in a College of Engineering course, be a College of Engineering major enrolled in any course, or be sponsored by a College of Engineering Faculty member in order to be eligible for a Mosaic account. Your account will be deactivated after you are no longer eligible. System Administrators may change your password to deny you access to your account if you fail to respond to a rules violation notification or for repetitive rules violations pending other administrative actions.

If you have any questions about Mosaic rules or policies, please contact Brian Keller via email