Accessing Mosaic

Mosaic Labs

Mosaic Windows running on an engineering class workstation is the dominant platform in the College of Engineering. These workstations can be found in the 10 Mosaic labs across campus. To see the current Windows workstations in the Mosaic labs, open the lab map.

Mosaic Anywhere

In addition to the Windows workstations in the Mosaic labs, a large pool of Mosaic Anywhere servers are available to all members of the College of Engineering. Access to Mosaic Anywhere is available from anywhere via the use of the remote desktop software. Faculty/staff can connect directly to a specific Mosaic machine using the campus VPN and RDP. Guides for this process can be found here.

Mosaic Linux

You can connect to our Mosaic Linux servers from a Mosaic Windows computer or your personal computer. You can access Mosaic Linux from Mosaic Windows by going to “Start>>All Programs>>Linux>>Connect Me>> FastX 2 Client” and selecting a server. After selecting a server, then choose the “MATE” desktop option.

Operating SytemDownload SoftwareDocumentation
WindowsFastX for WindowsInstallation Instructions
OSXFastX for OSXInstallation Instructions
LinuxFastX for LinuxInstallation Instructions

*NOTE: To download the software for OSX, right click the link and click “Save link as…”

Command Line

If you have Internet access and have downloaded a SSH2 client such as PuTTY, you can access your Mosaic files from off campus to check mail, write and/or compile programs, or perform any of other Linux command-line tasks. This is the most secure way to access your Mosaic account from off campus. A guide for this can be found here.

The server you would connect to using the SSH client is: