Accounts for new faculty and staff members

Generally, a newly arriving faculty and staff member of the College of Engineering will automatically receive a Banner ID number and campus network account that will need to be activated. Your campus network access account is referred to as your NinerNET account. Once this process is completed, the newly arriving engineering faculty and staff members can read their UNC Charlotte email and enjoy other benefits from the OneIT offerings. The newly arriving engineering faculty and staff member will also be activated on the College of Engineering Mosaic system using the NinerNET ID credentials and will allow log in and use the engineering workstations in the college.

The process described here lets new faculty or staff members get the NinerNET account prior to arriving on campus. It can also be used to get a NinerNET account for sponsored guests. This process is generally handled by the College of Engineering department administrator well in advance of when the faculty or staff member arrives on campus. If you need a NinerNET account, you may request a NinerNET account on the campus network. Read the FAQ’s about NinerNET Accounts. Once OneIT has processed this form, they will notify the Department Contact/Sponsor of the new faculty or staff member’s UNC Charlotte Banner ID. The new faculty or staff member will then be notified by the sponsor of the account or the department administrator that the Banner ID is set up.

The new faculty and staff member will then use the Password Manager to activate their NinerNET account. Once the NinerNET account is active you will be able to use the campus email system to read your email.

Faculty and staff are also able to create an alias for their NinerNET email. To do this, you must first log in to PW Manager. From the main menu, select “Create/Change email Address Alias”. From the dropdown list, select your chosen email address alias and click “Submit”. Now follow the prompts on screen and you will have an email alias.

Faculty and staff also have access to specific mailing lists so that a large group of students, faculty, and/or staff can be emailed at once. The best way to find out what these list servers are and how to use them is to contact your department administrator. Please see the link to the left labeled “email Alias” for more information on email aliases.