Welcome to Mosaic Computing

The William States Lee College of Engineering maintains a dedicated computing infrastructure to serve the needs of its faculty, staff and students. This system, known as the Mosaic Computing Environment, or just Mosaic, is operated by a staff of eight technical employees assigned to the OneIT College Support team that is dedicated to the College of Engineering. The Mosaic system is structured to support Windows and Linux workstations that are specifically configured to take advantage of a managed configuration designed for the Engineering discipline, as well as a robust network-based infrastructure and high-end workstations. Wireless access in all buildings occupied by the COE is provided, as is remote access to all students and faculty.

Mosaic is a highly reliable, secured and software rich environment. It is available to every College of Engineering faculty, staff and student from any Mosaic workstation in the labs, office desktop or Remote Workstation via a remote server pool we call Mosaic Anywhere. This website provides a wealth of resources to enrich your experience with the Mosaic Computing environment.

Click HERE for Available Software on Mosaic systems and find out where they are installed.

Click on the Campus photo below to see the location and details of all Mosaic Labs. Click on a Building to see the Computing Labs in a Building.

Mosaic Labs Locations