Technical Statistics

Public & Classroom/labs

LocationTypeNumber of Workstations
Smith 249 Lab44
Smith 260Classroom/Lab33
Smith 225Classroom/Lab43
Smith 229Classroom/Lab30
Cameron 213Classroom/Lab20
EPIC 1140Classroom/Lab48
EPIC 2218Lab36
EPIC 3236Classroom/Lab33
Duke 242Lab61
Duke 323Classroom/Lab46
Totals3 Labs | 7 Classroom/Labs394

Mosaic Anywhere Servers

Type of Mosaic Anyhwere ServerNumber of Mosaic Anywhere Servers
Windows 1086

Infrastructure Location

Resource TypeSmith Building 253EPIC G252DUKE Centennial Hall 340
AFS File serversResidentResidentResident
AFS DB serversResidentResidentResident
AFS Data Backup serversResidentResidentResident
Kerberos serversResidentResidentResident
License serversResidentN/AResident
Linux X-serverResidentResidentResident
Admin serversResidentN/AResident
Oracle/MySQL serversResidentN/AResident
Web serversN/AN/AResident
Windows 2003 AD serversResidentResidentResident
Compute serverN/AN/AResident
PC Build serversResidentN/AResident
Probe serversN/AResidentResident
 J-drive SupportResident N/AResident 
DFS serversResidentN/AResident
Mosaic Anywhere serversResidentResidentResident

Misc Statistics

Number of AFS file servers16
AFS disk space available/in use68 Terabytes / 8.2 Terabytes
Average size of backup7.1 terabytes /week
Active Accounts3682